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Mercedes Recalls $500K 2007 SLR McLaren Roadster for Faulty Windshield Installs

Mercedes-Benz USA LLC has recalled the 2008 SLR McLaren Roadster, noting that the windshields were not installed correctly and that either the primer or activator was missing at the time of installation, according to Mercedes spokesperson Rob Moran. The company warns that in a crash, the windshield in these vehicles may not be retained.

The vehicle, which is usually priced at around $500,000, was manufactured in very limited numbers, and Moran says there are only two of these vehicles in the United States. He was uncertain how many were distributed throughout the rest of the world, but notes that the McLaren Roadster is manufactured at a plant in Woking, England.

The issue was discovered during production of the vehicle.

Moran says he is uncertain whether the error was one of human or mechanical issue.

"The car has a lot hand-finishing on it," he told glassBYTEs.comô/AGRR magazine. "It's mostly hand-built."

Moran says the owner of the vehicles were informed by letter.

The NHTSA announcement says that the vehicles should be returned to the dealers, who will remove the windshields and will re-install properly.


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