Mid-Atlantic Snow Storm to Give Business a Boost
March 6, 2013

by Jennifer Reed, jreed@glass.com

As the snow pummels the Mid-Atlantic today, several auto glass shops predict a much-needed upswing in business.

Weather.com predicts the heaviest snowfall will cover parts of West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Over at Virginia Glass Service, which includes Springfield, Va., Chip Freeman, explains, "I'm not quite sure how this will impact business yet, but we need some bad weather. The weather should have a trickle-down effect."

While he sees no immediate impact from the storm today, he says business should show a lift soon.

Brenda Utt with Guardian Auto Glass, which covers Morgantown, W.Va., offers a similar report.

"We're not getting any right now, but it will be hitting here in next day or so. This will be good for business," she says.

Finally, Jeremy Fried of Westminster Auto Glass of Westminster, Md., agrees, saying, "I've been doing this for about 14 years. The next couple days will be crazy. We usually get a good amount of work. We always see an increase of business during big storms."

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