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Missouri Anti-Steering Bill Meets Mixed Fate; Sen. Plans to Revive Next Year

The Missouri Senate's Small Business, Insurance and Industrial Relations Committee voted yesterday to pass an anti-steering bill that would require insurers to inform vehicle owners immediately on first contact that they have the right to choose the repair facility of their choice to repair their vehicles. However, the Missouri legislative session ends tomorrow, according to Kathy Armstrong, a spokesperson for Senate Bill 775's sponsor, Sen. Wes Shoemyer, so the bill won't actually move any further until it is re-introduced next year. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

While the bill won't go any further this session, Armstrong still believes the session is ending on a positive note for the legislation.

"The successful thing was that we at least got the insurance guys coming into our office and talking to the senator and them understanding that he is serious about [steering,]" she told™/AGRR magazine, "and they have agreed to work on this over the summer. What the reality of that means, I don't know. But at least we got their attention."

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