Montana Shop Owner Re-Builds in Wake of June Tornado; Offers Tips for Other Auto Glass Business Owners
September 10, 2010

A Montana auto glass shop owner who lost much of his building in Billings, Mont., during a tornado on Father’s Day is in the process of re-building, and hopes to re-open in the next two weeks.

Kevin Massick, owner of the Fas-Break location, says the building will be in the same spot as the previous one, with a few minor changes, including a more energy-efficient heating system, air conditioning and energy-efficient insulation.

“I have some great contractors and they’re 14 days into this,” he says. “The concrete was still there, so they’re basically it’s from concrete up and that goes pretty quickly.”

In the meantime, he says the business has been doing some mobile work, mostly working with its fleet accounts.

For others who could undergo a similar disaster at anytime—there hadn’t been a tornado in Montana since 1952—Massick offers some tips.

“Review your insurance policy,” he says. “Make sure you have the coverage you need and find that happy medium where you find you’re not paying too much but have the coverage you need.”

“I’m lucky I had everything in line,” he adds.

And finally, though he has undergone a tough summer, Massick keeps a few words of advice close at hand.

“Bad luck is offset by hard work,” he says.

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