NACE Expo Moves to October in 2010
December 3, 2009

The NACE Expo, which is sponsored by the Automotive Service Association (ASA), and the Automotive Service & Repair Week (ASRW) events that accompany it, will be held in October next year and will follow a new Sunday-Wednesday pattern. Next year's event will run October 11-13, again at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

The event's seminar schedule will begin on October 10, and the Expo will open on October 11.

Other events included in the week are the Congress of Automotive Repair and Service (CARS), also sponsored by ASA, along with Auto Glass Week.

"ASA is very pleased that our plans to produce a dedicated event for all automotive service and repair professionals, regardless of their industry affiliations, business models, specialties, or disciplines, have finally come to fruition," says Ron Pyle, ASA president and chief staff executive. "At ASRW, the shop owner and the technician are welcomed, respected and listened to, because they are the decision-makers. Regardless of which segment of the service and repair market they serve, they are the front-line troops that install the parts, utilize the tools and equipment, and take advantage of the information and training that the industry provides. Our mission is to make ASRW the only destination necessary to address the needs of the professional service and repair community."

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