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NAGS Fall Calculator to Take Effect on Monday; Shows 2.13 Percent Weighted Average Increase for Top 100 Most Popular Parts

The National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS) Fall 2008 Calculator has been distributed and is scheduled to take effect this Monday, September 8.

The calculator notes that of all parts that were priced both in the last calculator and the current one, these had an overall weighted average increase of 3.10 percent from the Spring release.(Parts are weighted according to popularity; i.e., more popular parts have a higher weight than those used less frequently used, in an effort to achieve a more accurate average than a blanket, overall average might show.)

For the top 100 parts, the weighted average increase was 2.13 percent. For the top 500 parts, there was a weighted average increase of 2.50 percent, and for the top 1,500 parts, there was a weighted average increase of 2.84 percent.

In addition, the new catalog includes new service part numbers for fuel surcharge (SFS01600) and a delivery fee (SDL01700). According to Bud Oliver, director of product operations for the Mitchell Glass Unit, the part numbers were added in response to industry input. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

"We have received a great deal of input from the market this year that transactions are occurring that include these fees and surcharges, and currently NAGS does not publish any corresponding Service Part Numbers that are appropriate for this purpose," says Oliver. "We don't take any position on what costs should be associated with the new numbers, but hope that their addition will enable trading partners to more clearly identify these items in their negotiated transactions."

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