NHTSA Closes First Round of Public Comments on Updates to NCAP
July 16, 2013

by Jenna Reed, jreed@glass.com

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is looking to update its U.S. New Car Assessment Program, which determines how well new vehicles protect drivers and passengers in crashes and resist rollovers, including its Government 5-Star Safety Ratings program. As a part of this update, NHTSA just closed its first public comment period where it solicited feedback on pedestrian protection, crash avoidance technologies, such as blind spot detection and advanced lighting, as well as changes to crash dummies and more, according to The Federal Register.

NHTSA says it has begun the process to take into account "the rapid development of vehicle safety technologies."

Two of the areas the agency sought comment on that could potentially impact the auto glass repair and replacement industry were pedestrian protection and crashworthiness, including a better understanding of the rear-seat environment.

"Comments are requested as to 1) whether the agency should consider incorporating future pedestrian crashworthiness requirements into NCAP, 2) what areas of light vehicles (e.g., bumpers, hoods, etc.) the agency should focus its efforts, and 3) how the agency should consider the crashworthiness requirements on vehicles with automatic pedestrian and braking systems," according to The Federal Register.

"… The agency will use the comments it receives to aid it in developing a notice proposing near-term upgrades to the NCAP. The agency will also use the comments received in response to this notice to help it in developing a draft five-year plan for the NCAP program outlining research that the agency plans to conduct as well as longer term upgrades it intends to pursue making to NCAP," The Federal Register reports.

NHTSA specifically looked for comments on matters such as "safety benefits, field experience, test procedures and progress in the development of crash avoidance technologies as well as crashworthiness activities."

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