AGRR Associate Publisher Recognized as Media Representative of the Year
May 15, 2009

Lisa Naugle, associate publisher of AGRR magazine, was recognized with the media representative of the year 2009 BizMark Award by the Pittsburgh chapter of the Business Marketing Association yesterday. The award was presented last night at Heinz Field, West Club Lounge, in Pittsburgh.

Lisa Naugle (center) with PPG's Rob Struble (left) and Dave Borland, Business Marketing Association chapter president. PPG's Solarban 60 solar control low-E glass installed in Heinz Field serves as the backdrop.

"Having been born and raised in Pennsylvania, it is a huge honor to be selected by the Pittsburgh Business Marketing Association as their media representative of the year," says Naugle. "There are many wonderful and talented marketing professionals in this area who serve the glass industry, and I am proud to be recognized by this esteemed group."

Rob Struble, manager, branding and communications, PPG Performance Glazings, PPG Industries, nominated Naugle for the award.

"Lisa keeps in touch enough that we have a very good understanding of her offering and clues us in, without fanfare, to new opportunities," stated Struble. "Because of this, she's kind of like the old E.F. Hutton slogan: when she talks, we listen."

Struble added, "I believe Lisa is successful at this because she listens to us. She pays attention, remembers and keeps good notes on conversations. She also makes sure we don't miss an opportunity. I respect and value that."

Naugle was not the only glass-industry award recipient last night. Roger Linville, who retired from PPG in 2009 as a marketing communications consultant, received the lifetime achievement award. Linville was unable to attend the ceremony so the award was accepted in his honor.

In addition, Steve Osilica, director of marketing for Pittsburgh Corning Corp., received the business-to-business marketer of the year award.

Struble was a finalist for the business-to-business advertiser of the year award.

The awards presented to winners, which were created by Chicago-based Slee Corp., resembled a sailboat and were made of PPG's Azuria and Atlantica glass.

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