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Nebraska Association Ranks Steering as Number-One Issue among Shops

A study conducted by the Nebraska Autobody Association (NABA) ranked steering as the top issue for shops as they enter 2009, with 85 percent of respondents citing steering of claimants as the "single most significant factor for the new year."

The survey was conducted during the last quarter of 2008 and asked shops to project the issues that they suspected would be the most critical in the new year.

Other issues topping the list including Direct Repair Program issues, including "concessions demanded by insurers."

Ranking at the bottom of the top-ten list was the enforcement of Nebraska Unfair Claims Settlement Laws, with 57 percent of those surveyed selecting this as a critical issue.

Among the issues that didn't make the top-ten list but still are of concern to shops are quality of aftermarket parts (54percent); employee retention (51 percent); fear of insurer reprisals (50 percent) and refusal by insurers to acknowledge OEM repair specifications (50 percent).

What would you rank as the top issue for auto glass shops as you enter the new year? Would it be steering or any of the aforementioned issues, or something else? CLICK HERE to e-mail your thoughts to the™ staff.

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