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Dear Elected Representative:

The exclusion for (other than claims solely involving window glass) 2610 b of Regulation 64 shows prejudice towards all registered repair shops in New York State that would replace glass and seek reimbursement from their customer's Insurance policy.

This exclusion leaves a door open to allow insurance companies or their hired third party claims processors to challenge the consumers' right of choice of whom they have chosen to make repairs on their vehicle without interference or misleading statements that would lead to the consumers having the repairs performed by a shop that is on the Insurance companies preferred vendor list.

Most Insurance companies' preferred vendor list requirements are based on agreeing to a lowest price program with little or no room for negotiating on behalf of the customer to make repairs in accordance with policy provisions. There are no policies in place that I know of that have restrictions on shop to do repairs or the limits of cost to make necessary repairs. Therefore, not being in the best interest of the consumer and puts the benefits solely on the Insurance company. In addition leaving the first chosen repair shop with no rights to do business without interference.

I would support senate legislative bill S3429 and assembly bill A07199 and A08374 that would remove the exclusion clause in 2610 b and strengthen legislation for the Insurance companies when other than normal situations arise. As it stands, most insurance companies have programs in place with a take it or leave it stand. These programs jeopardize the existence of the locally owned repair shops through the state

In conclusion, the rights and safety of the consumer must be protected and the repair shops must have the right to do business and negotiate the cost of repairs that would work with in the parameters of the Insurance company policy.

Thank you,


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