Northeast Auto Glass Shops Battle Snowstorm
January 13, 2011

Auto glass shops (and others) in the Northeast are enduring some major winter weather this week, with some areas seeing upwards of 40 inches of snow. Though much of the snow fall is still recent, some shops reported a pickup in business already.

"It's a little early yet, but things have picked up again," says Steve Dillerman of Payless Auto Glass in Hartford, Conn., where about 24 inches of snow were on the ground as of today.

Despite the mounting snow, Dillerman says the business is still functioning normally.

"We're getting around, taking care of customers," he says.

Representatives of Affordable Auto Glass in West Springfield, Mass., reported snow fall of 24-30 inches, and so far, are seeing customers not quite ready to venture out.

"Yesterday the phone only rang about twice, and the snow stopped at about one or two o'clock," says company owner Joe Esile. "We didn't see any customers. No one really ventured out."

Today, however, the phones are picking up again. "It hasn't been that crazy kind of rush you usually get," adds Esile. "I think that's because it was a powdery snow and not ice, where people have to really scrape their windshields."

Elaine Moe of Moe's Auto Glass in Depew, N.Y., which received more than three feet of snow, says the local construction companies are keeping them busy.

"We're seeing a lot of those types of vehicles," said Moe. "It's 13 degrees out, and if a window breaks in those types of vehicles, they don't want to be cold."

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