NOVUS® Glass Opens New Franchise in Charlotte, N.C., Area
June 11, 2010

From left to right: Jim Olson, NOVUS director of franchise development; new NOVUS franchise owners Kristy McIntyre and Jeff Guinan; and Keith Beveridge, senior vice president.

NOVUS Glass has a new franchise in the Charlotte, N.C., area. The franchise is owned by Jeff Guinan and Kristy McIntyre, who recently re-located from Long Island, N.Y.

Prior to opening the NOVUS franchise, Guinan owned a dairy distribution route on Long Island, and McIntyre assisted him with administrative duties related to the route, and also managedthe office of two fire sprinkler installation companies.

According to a release from NOVUS, the two decided that they wanted to branch into a business in which they could help consumers solve everyday problems-and decided to open a NOVUS franchise.

CLICK HERE for full text of release from Novus.

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