Omaha Auto Glass Shops Respond After Hail Storm
April 10, 2013

by Jenna Reed,

After golf ball-sized hail hit portions of the Omaha, Neb., area Tuesday evening, auto glass shops are seeing some uptick in business today.

"Usually, we would have been inundated by now," says Rich Lutton, owner of Metro Glass in Omaha. "We've had a couple of people with back glasses in their vehicles which were broke out due to the storm.

"We'll get some calls for broken-out glass," he continues. "I live in Western Omaha and I witnessed pea-sized hail and there have been reports of golf ball-sized hail in certain areas. In some areas there was quarter-sized hail and some an inch-deep, but the bigger stuff was rare."

Lutton says the lack of bad storms last year had a big impact on his business.

"Last year was the worst year we ever had and this was due to the drought," he explains. "There was no weather of any kind, including snow and bad weather. At least this year there has been some snow. It could be a decent year for business."

Meanwhile, Don Beed of Fas-Break Auto Glass in Fremont, Neb., describes the hail that hit the area as as well.

"All we received was pea-sized hail. We haven't seen a lot of calls yet. But we've heard of the stuff in Omaha," Beed says.

Holly Foukup of Binswanger Glass in Lincoln, Neb., says the hail storm didn't get that far, but she's seen the reports of damage in other areas.

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