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Oregon Senate Reviews Bill That Would Prohibit Insurers from Entering Contracts with Repairers
April 13, 2009

The Oregon Senate currently is considering a bill that would prohibit insurers from entering contracts with "a person performing a service or repair for the motor vehicle owner." In addition, it would prohibit insurers (and "any other person who has a financial interest in the servicing or repairing of a motor vehicle") from influencing, directing or suggesting to a person performing repair "to alter a recommendation as to how the service is performed;" and from maintaining an office, desk or space on the premises of the person performing the service or repair, or within 100 feet of them.

S.B. 617 is under the review of the Senate's consumer protection and public affairs committee, by which it was introduced.

A hearing was held in mid-March.

CLICK HERE for the full text of the bill.

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