Saint-Gobain France Files Suit Against PGW for Alleged Patent Infringement
June 10, 2009

Saint-Gobain France filed a lawsuit Monday against Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW) alleging three counts of patent infringement. In the suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, Saint-Gobain claims that PGW has violated the following patents:

- U.S. Patent 5,368,917, "Acoustic Protective Glazing for a Vehicle," issued November 29, 1994;
- U.S. Patent 6,821,629, "Soundproofing Laminated Window for Vehicles," issued November 23, 2004; and
- U.S. Patent 7,121,380, "Soundproofing Laminated Window for Vehicles," issued October 17, 2006.

Saint-Gobain alleges that PGW "has infringed and is still infringing the '917, '629 and '380 patents by making, selling, using and offering for sale certain automotive glass products such as windshields, windows, sunroofs and the like, which embody the patented inventions."

Saint-Gobain seeks a permanent injunction against alleged continued infringement; its damages for the past claimed infringement; increased and treble damages for "willful infringement;" attorneys fees; costs; and "any other relief appropriate under the circumstances."

Saint-Gobain is represented by the law firm Ashby & Geddes, which is based in Wilmington.

Representatives from PGW were not available for comment this morning.

for full text of complaint.

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