PGW Adjusts Pricing in Response to "Broad-Based Increase in Costs"

May 18, 2010

Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW) has announced that it is re-evaluating its pricing on a part-by-part basis "in response to [a] broad-based increase in costs." The announcement was made to customers by a letter from PGW director of strategic development Bill Marshall.

Though Marshall points to "encouraging signs of growth" in the North American economy, he writes that "many elements of this economic recovery are having a significant impact on the automotive replacement glass industry, especially in the cost and availability of supply inputs."

"For example, the rebound in OEM vehicle production and the associated increase in demand have put a strain on the supply of automotive flat glass and ARG fabricated parts in North America," writes Marshall. " … All of these factors are creating significant pressure on the cost position of the ARG industry. Effective immediately, PGW is adjusting its pricing to the industry in response to this broad-based increase in costs."

Marshall goes on to note that prices are being evaluated on a "part-by part basis."

He adds, "Therefore, prices are not increasing by a set percentage, but instead are being adjusted based on a detailed analysis of a variety of factors."

Marshall had not responded to requests for comment at press time.

for full text of today's announcement.

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