PGW Prevails in Appeal of Sexual Harassment Suit
November 29, 2011

A federal appellate judge has affirmed a prior decision absolving Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW) of allegations made against it in a sexual harassment suit filed against it last year.

Jairus Abraham Pegues of Austin, Texas, filed the original $4.2 million suit in February 2010 and alleged that his supervisor at the company sexually harassed him during his time working for the company. U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel dismissed the case, which also includes allegations against Adecco USA Inc., a staffing company, in December 2010. Pegues appealed the decision in June.

Pegues had claimed that a particular supervisor at PGW harassed him sexually, and that when he complained about this, the company retaliated against him by not paying his wages. Pegues said he was let go after the incident, in January 2009, but was re-hired in July 2009. During his time away from the company, Pegues alleged that Adecco “appealed the Texas Workforce’s decision to grant [him] unemployment benefits and presented false, libelous statements against him.” He claimed that Adecco’s alleged actions ultimately this led to him losing the unemployment benefits.

According to court records, the original case was dismissed because Pegues, who represented himself, refused to participate in a deposition for the purposes of defendant discovery. Court transcripts show that a date for the deposition was set before a judge for October 14, 2010; Pegues had told the judge that he was concerned about the fact that the deposition would be video-taped, but ultimately agreed to appear. When the October 14 hearing time came, Pegues did not appear, and PGW and Adecco counsel filed a motion to dismiss shortly after, which the judge accepted.

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