Disputes in PGW Age Discrimination Suit Continue; Current Issue is Request for Summary Judgment by PGW
December 21, 2011

A yearlong legal battle between Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW) and several employees who allege they were released as the result of age discrimination continues in a federal court in Pennsylvania. The latest issue in the case is PGW's request for summary judgment, creating opposition from the plaintiffs.

The plaintiffs in the case have filed an opposing response to this request, arguing that PGW's statistical analysis expert who alleges that there is "no scientifically significant indication of age discrimination" is "a former businessman and present 'jack of all trades' expert with little or no relevant experience or demonstrated expertise."

The plaintiffs claim that their own statistical analysis report related to alleged age discrimination at PGW was compiled by "a distinguished tenure professor and industrial psychologist with far superior academic and 'real-world' credentials."

"In its motion for summary judgment, PGW seeks to deprive plaintiffs of their right to have a jury weigh the evidence," write the plaintiffs."It fails to afford plaintiffs the benefit of all reasonable inferences to be drawn from the evidence relating to the competing expert opinions, and seeks to have resolved disputed issues of fact, turning on credibility."

Plaintiffs also dispute that PGW has included "extensive alleged facts relating to its contention that plaintiffs were terminated because of adverse economic conditions, thinking perhaps it will influence the court somehow or will prop up the testimony of its expert on entirely separate issues relating to disparate impact."

At press time, the court had not yet ruled on the motion for summary judgment. The court also is reviewing a motion for class certification filed by the plaintiffs.

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