PGW, Former Employees, to Discuss Settlement in Age Discrimination Suit
January 30, 2012

by Penny Stacey,

Officials at Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW) and several employees who filed suit against the company in October 2010 alleging age discrimination will participate in a mediation session in early February, according to court documents. During that session, the parties say they will attempt to “facilitate settlement discussions” in the ongoing suit.

Based on this, both PGW and the plaintiffs in the suit have filed a motion asking the court to hold off on any rulings on recent motions by both parties—including a motion for summary judgment by PGW and a motion for class certification by the plaintiffs—until they are able to meet and see if a settlement is possible.

“The parties have further agreed that, if the mediation is unsuccessful in settling this matter, the parties will participate in a status conference with the court on a date to be determined by the court on or after February 9, 2012,” write the plaintiffs and defendants in a joint motion.

The plaintiffs include seven former employees who allege they were let go during March 2009 reduction-in-force due to their age. The suit was filed in October 2010 and has included several disputes, including a recent disagreement over whether expert testimony should be used in the court’s decision as to whether to certify the case as a class action.

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