PPG Aerospace Business Expands Glass Offerings
October 20, 2009

PPG Industries announced this week that it is beginning direct sales of replacement windshields for Piaggio P180 aircraft and re-launching sales to operators of the forward-facing windshields for Falcon 20/50/200 airplanes, according to Jim Romano, the aerospace global sales director for aftermarket transparencies.

In addition, the company's aerospace transparencies group has received parts manufacturer approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to begin sales to operators of replacement side cockpit windows for the Bombardier Challenger 600 Series jets.

The windshields for the P180 are 11.5-square foot in size and are heated, according to the company.

"PPG worked with Piaggio to design the windshields and has manufactured them since the program was launched," says Romano. "We are now bringing that expertise to operators."

The forward-facing heated windshields for Falcon 20/50/200 airplanes are comprised of four glass plies.

"Operators will benefit from the scratch and craze resistance of the all-glass design," Romano says.

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