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Survey Shows Majority Intend to Use Fuel Surcharge Part Number

A recent study of nearly 400 auto glass replacement shops shows that nearly 50 percent (49.8) of them plan to utilize the recently released NAGS fuel surcharge number in their businesses. While 16.2 percent is still undecided, 34.0 percent have determined that they will not utilize the part number, which was added to the NAGS Catalog with the September 2008 release.

The part number for the fuel surcharge is SF01600. NAGS also added a number for delivery fees, SDL01700. Neither service part number has a list price assigned to it, but the numbers were added in an effort to help both shops and insurers identify these items as necessary, according to Bud Oliver, director of product operations for the Mitchell Glass Unit (of which NAGS is a part).

"We have received a great deal of input from the market this year that transactions are occurring that include these fees and surcharges, and currently NAGS does not publish any corresponding Service Part Numbers that are appropriate for this purpose," says Bud Oliver, director of product operations for the Mitchell Glass Unit, of which NAGS is a part. "We don’t take any position on what costs should be associated with the new numbers, but hope that their addition will enable trading partners to more clearly identify these items in their negotiated transactions."

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