Inside the Safelite/NICB Partnership
December 13, 2011

Safelite Solutions and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) announced early today that Safelite has joined the insurance group as a “strategic partner” so that it might “more seamlessly share information with NICB, as permitted by its insurance clients, to track suspicious claims.”

Safelite spokesperson Melina Metzger took a few minutes today to provide additional insight on the partnership with™/AGRR™ magazine. (GB): How did this partnership come about?

Metzger (MM): Safelite Solutions’ claims investigations unit has worked with the NICB and our insurance clients to report suspicious claims for years. With the spike in those questionable claims last year, we began conversations with NICB to begin to work more closely in order to provide information and investigate shops that may be filing fraudulent claims. 

GB: What type of information will Safelite share under the terms of the partnership?

MM: For insurance clients that grant permission, Safelite Solutions will share data about shops who submit frequent questionable claims for NICB to investigate rather than funneling that information through the client as was done in the past.

GB: Is there a reason the company decided to head in this direction, rather than continuing to allow the insurers to submit the information?

As a program manager for our insurance clients, it allows for a quicker, more seamless flow of information and places less burden on our insurance partners.

GB: Are you able to comment on the terms of the partnership, such as any costs involved?

MM: We pay a membership fee like all members of NICB.

GB: How would you respond to concerns from reputable shops that are fearful that their claims information might now be shared with NICB?

MM: Reputable shops following the law have nothing to fear. As an industry, we should benefit by seeing a decrease in scammers who hurt our reputation.

GB: What types of items does Safelite look for that might make a claim seem questionable?

MM: This is determined by our insurance clients.

GB: The latest report from NICB actually showed a drop in questionable auto glass claims. To what would you attribute that drop?

MM: The drop in reported questionable claims may stem from a combination of increased awareness of the consumer as well as the various inspection programs being implemented by many insurance carriers.

GB: Do you expect the use of inspections to grow under this partnership?

MM: Inspections are determined by insurance companies. If fraud continues to be a problem, then, yes, I think we can see more insurance companies requiring them, but that is unrelated to Safelite’s partnership with NICB.

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