Pennsylvania Auto Glass Shop Owner Arrested on Charges of Murder; Details Emerge in Case

April 26, 2010

Kevin Murphy

A Pennsylvania auto glass shop owner was arrested on Friday, April 23, for the alleged murder of his mother, sister and aunt in his shop last April. Kevin Murphy, 49, is charged with three counts of first-degree murder and criminal homicide and is being held without bail. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

The victims, Edith Cora Tietge, 81, Kris Lynn Murphy, 43, and Doris Lee Murphy, 69, were found dead at the Saltsburg, Pa.-based business on April 23, 2009—exactly one year before Kevin Murphy's arrest. All three worked at the business.

According to court documents, Kevin Murphy had lived with his mother and sister, who left behind estates totaling $315,753.84, and had filed paperwork to acquire these assets.

Though police have not named a motive, court documents say that interviews conducted by investigators have revealed that Kevin Murphy has had an ongoing relationship with a married woman for the last two years. Kevin Murphy told investigators that neither his mother nor sister approved of the relationship, according to the police report. On the day of the murders, he "first learned from his paramour that she had received a registered letter indicating the process of her divorce had begun," according to the criminal complaint.

Police said that interviews with both the woman and her three children revealed that they had talked about moving in with Murphy, but had never met either his mother or sister.

The criminal complaint says Kris Murphy and Doris Murphy were last seen at the business by another employee, Donald Shondelmeyer, at 3:55 p.m. on the day of their deaths, and that Kevin Murphy was there as well. Then, at 6:05 p.m. that day, Kevin Murphy called Shondelmeyer and asked him to come to the scene. When he arrived, an ambulance was on-site and Kevin Murphy advised Shondelmeyer, "They are all gone. They are dead!", according to the complaint.

Police said Kevin Murphy told investigators that he had brought the .22 revolver that is alleged to have been used in the murders to the shop several days before the incident "to shoot a raccoon that was trapped." In the investigation, Murphy's computer and network equipment were seized and searched, and discovered that Internet searches had been performed on items such as "how make poison from household" and "antifreeze how to kill," according to the police.

As of today, Ferguson Glass was still taking calls for work, despite owner Kevin Murphy's absence, according to an unidentified representative there with whom™/AGRR magazine spoke this afternoon.

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