On the Trail: JN Phillips Auto Glass President Seeks to Run 50 5k's in Every State by Age of 55
December 10, 2009

Rosenfield, right, met up with Glasspro president Paul Heinauer (left) in Charleston for the Reindeer Run on December 5.

Though JN Phillips Auto Glass president Bob Rosenfield has always been active, six years ago, one of his daughters began running cross country and issued him a challenge: to run a 5k with her before her official school season began.

"I thought, why not?" recalls Rosenfield, who is based in Boston.

Since that race six years ago, he's become an avid runner, and now is seeking to achieve an unusual challenge: to run a 5k in every state by the age of 55. He's already done ten of these, and has two years left to meet his goal.

"I've done five of the New England Stages-Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York," he says.

In addition, just since last May, when he embarked on this challenge, Rosenfield has run races in Charleston, S.C., Wilmington, N.C., Chicago and Santa Barbara, Calif.

Though Rosenfield enjoys running, he also has another goal in mind with his recent adventure.

Dave Johnson of Interstate Glass ran the Battleship 5k with Rosenfield on November 1 in Wilmington, N.C.

"I am running across the country for a purpose- developing programs for math and science education of young people in the United States," he says. In 2010, he hopes to launch a non-profit organization focused on engaging elementary-age students in math and science learning through sports related curriculum and mentorship. He hopes to raise awareness for the group, the 3 point14 foundation (which has a website at http://www.3point14.org), through this effort.

On Rosenfield's most recent races, he was joined by some other industry representatives; Glasspro president Paul Heinauer completed the Charleston Reindeer Run with him on December 5, and Dave Johnson of Interstate Glass ran the Battleship 5k with him on
November 1.

To train, Rosenfield runs approximately every other day, for a total of about 12 miles a week. He documents his races on a blog, www.50fives.com, and also uses the site to correspond with other runners who might offer race suggestions.

"If anyone wants to go to my blog and post a race idea, that would be welcome," he says.

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