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Beware of Latest Possible Phone Scam

There may be a new scam in town-and it's showing up where you might least expect it, on your phone bill. The possible scam appears in the form of various charges, such as RSN FAXSVC MTH FEE ($14.95), VMAIL PROFSL MTHLY FEE ($14.95), ONE EMAIL A DAY ($14.95), Bus MoFee ($12.95), and likely countless others. Each is billed on behalf of a company, such as ILD Teleservices for RSN Enterprises LLC and Voice Mail Professional, PaymentOne for, and ESBI for OneEmailADay and Voicemail Services.

While in some cases, the phone company may be able to credit the charges, the companies themselves may be another story.

"I called each individual company and explained these services had never been ordered," says Janeen Mulligan, customer relations manager for Key Communications, publisher of magazine. "They each assured me our services would stop and no more charges would be on our bill."

But then the next bill arrived.

"The Voicemail Services charge of $14.95, the charge of $12.95, the OneEmailADay charge of $14.95, the RSN FAXSVR charge of $14.95, and the VMAIL charge of $14.95 are still on our billing statement," she adds. " I called each of the companies again and demanded that these charges stop. They assured me they would issue a credit and it would take one to three billing cycles."

Mulligan has not been able to reach Voice Mail Professional, as the number provided for the company actually goes to a voicemail system-with no options to reach a person.

According to officials from the telephone company Verizon, charges such as these usually result from a scam phone call, asking you to accept the charges, or even from an innocent pop ad, which, when clicked on, activates the charges.

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