Pilkington North America to Begin Promoting AAGA
November 9, 2009

Pilkington North America announced last week that it has made an agreement to promote the services of the American Auto Glass Alliance (AAGA), which is designed to provide 24/7 services such as appointment scheduling and quoting to auto glass businesses.

"… We look forward to working with the AAGA to bring incremental work into our key customers' shops," says Bill George, director of marketing for Pilkington's AGR North America division. "Our sales staff will be the point of contact for more information regarding this fantastic service."

"This is a time unlike any other in the history of the auto glass industry," adds AAGA president Stuart Weatherman. "The Internet and interactive web sites have changed buyers forever. Glass shops can no longer count on traditional customers shopping from 8-5. To be effective today, we must all maximize our marketing dollars by responding to customers around the clock 365 days a year."

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