Pilkington Automotive Business Down Worldwide for Fiscal Year 2010; Says OEM Conditions Improving in North America, But AGR Business Remains Down
May 14, 2010

Pilkington Automotive
Percent Change
(in U.S. Dollars)
$3.2 billion
$2.9 billion
-11.4 percent

Pilkington Automotive's sales for Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 were down 11.7 percent from FY 2009, according to a recent report released by parent company NSG Group. The company reports sales of approximately $2.9 billion (265,017 million Japanese Yen) for FY1010, compared with approximately $3.2 billion (299,096 million Japanese Yen) in FY2009.

In North America, which comprises 21 percent of the company's entire automotive sales, cumulative sales were significantly below the previous year, "again due to reduced volumes," according to the company. However, the company reports that volumes improved in the fourth quarter with strengthening vehicle sales "as market conditions gradually improved." The company reports "significant OE volume increases" during this time. On the replacement side, the company reports that business was down from previous fiscal years, "due to both reduced demand and market prices."

In the European Original Equipment (OE) market, the company reports that its cumulative revenues fell, due to reduced levels of demand, but that several European government "scrappage" programs helped temporarily. However, NSG says the AGR business was relatively "robust" and that its revenues held up well throughout the year.

In Japan, representing 17 percent of the Group's automotive sales, NSG reports that revenues were significantly below last year, due to reduced levels of demand.

NSG predicts growth for the automotive business in South America and Eastern Europe, and in areas of "eco-friendly glazing," particularly with the push for reducing carbon dioxide emissions (comparable to the goals of the recently deceased California auto glass regulations) (CLICK HERE for related story).

The company predicts that "eco-innovation" will drive advances in solar energy control, weight reduction and energy savings for the auto glass business.

Just last week, Pilkington North America announced it would open a facility in Athens, Ala., to supply the Honda Odyssey plant near Lincoln, Ala. (CLICK HERE for related story)

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