Pilkington Parent NSG Reports Improvements in North American AGR Market for First Quarter
August 5, 2010

First-Quarter NSG Automotive Results
Percent Change
$739 million (63,439 million Yen)
$831 million (71,301 million Yen)
+12.4 percent
Operating Income
$13.3 million (1,139 million Yen)
$69.1 million (5,926 million Yen)
+420.0 percent

Pilkington Automotive parent company NSG Group has reported that the North American auto glass replacement market "continued to slowly improved from the previous challenging conditions" over the first quarter of 2010, according to NSG's quarterly financial report released early today. The North American market comprised 22 percent of the company's automotive sales.

Worldwide, Pilkington Automotive reports $831 million (71,301 million Yen) in sales, a 12.4 percent increase over last year (see chart for more information).

Overall, the company reports that its automotive markets remained stable over the quarter, "and in some cases demonstrated further improvements, despite the further withdrawal of government incentive schemes."

In Europe, which represents 47 percent of the company's automotive sales, NSG reports that the auto glass replacement market "continued to prove relatively resilient to the low level of general economic activity," and, in Japan, automotive glass demand was up from the previous year as well. The Japan market makes up 17 percent of the NSG automotive group sales.

Pilkington Automotive represented 48 percent of NSG's worldwide sales for the quarter-the greatest of any of its three divisions, compared with 41 percent in building products and 11 percent in specialty glass.

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