PipeKnife Purchases Sales Rights to Reid Tool Line from White River
September 4, 2012

by Casey Neeley, cneeley@glass.com

The PipeKnife Co. has purchased the exclusive marketing and selling rights to the Reid auto glass tool line from White River Knife. PipeKnife began order entry, shipping and customer support services today.

"During a conversation earlier this year we discussed what direction John [Cammenga] was going to take the Reid line, as the core competency for White River was the manufacturing of specialty hunting blades and ammunition magazines where John has 20+ years of experience," says Dell Skluzak, president and owner of PipeKnife. "At that time we explored The PipeKnife Company acting as a marketing agent for the Reid line and eventually we reached the point where it made sense for The PipeKnife Company to purchase the exclusive right to sell and market the product and White River would retain the manufacturing of the products."

John Cammenga, president and owner of White River, agrees the change is a mutually promising.

"We are excited to confirm the sale of the Reid brand to The Pipeknife Company," says Cammenga. "It is an acquisition beneficial to both companies. Equally important, it will provide better service and more options to all of the customers. [PipeKnife] is well qualified to understand the needs of the auto glass replacement technician and resellers of auto glass replacement tools and replacement blades."

Just more than a year ago, White River took over the Reid line from the original manufacturer, Reid Tools, after they faced a constructive foreclosure.

White River gained the line after a bank foreclosed on Reid on August 12, 2012.

Former Reid president Jeff Cothery also says he is pleased with the transition.

"Dell Skluzak is a wonderful fellow and I think he will do a wonderful job. I think some very wonderful products are going to be marketed much better and I think it will be a win-win situation," says Cothery. "I think that Dell and PipeKnife have been the originators of some very good tools for some time and I'm sure they'll continue that tradition."

White River will continue manufacturing the Reid line.


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