Police Look for White Van with Broken Windshield in Philadelphia Area
October 7, 2009

Police surrounding the Philadelphia area are looking for a white van with a broken windshield that is alleged to have been sighted in three different attempts to abduct children, according to reports from local news sources. According to reports, a 12-year-old girl advised police a male passenger in a "dirty, white panel van," tried to grab her after she declined to enter the van, which has New Jersey plates, to help him search for his son.

The girl allegedly told police the driver of the vehicle was bald and that his passenger "had a bushy moustache," according to the reports, and in addition to a broken windshield, the white van also was missing a mirror on the driver's side.

Police request that anyone who might encounter this van or have information call the Pa. State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigations at 717/783-5524.

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