Progressive Turns Over 68 Boxes of Claims Files in Coccaro Case
June 4, 2009

Progressive Insurance turned over 68 boxes of documents to North State Custom owner Greg Coccaro and his counsel last week, Coccaro told™/AGRR magazine. The New York State Supreme Court had ordered Progressive in late April to produce the files requested (802 in total) by May 28. North State Custom, owned and founded by Coccaro, who recently prevailed in a separate suit Progressive filed again him, claims that Progressive steered away customers from the shop, and though the specific steering charge was removed from the case, several causes of action remain that involve steering allegations: tortious interference; engaging in deceptive business practices; and spreading injurious falsehoods about his business.

Progressive had previously produced the physical damage files related to the claims in electronic format, but had still failed to provide the complete files in paper format, according to court documents filed earlier in the case. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

"Because of the thousands of documents, tape recordings and CDs we have to review we can't at this time know if anything is missing," says Coccaro. "We were granted 45 days to go through them and make a determination on what we received."

Coccaro's counsel also had motioned for additional attorneys' fees due to the extra time the case has taken in the discovery phase, but the judge has not yet ruled on this, Coccaro says.

Stay tuned to for more details as they become available.

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