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Portland-Based Company Creates Shower Doors and More from Recycled Windshields
March 10, 2009

Several years ago, Ron Sundholm, president and founder of Second Glass in Portland, Ore., was getting his own windshield replaced when he wandered out behind the shop to the dumpster where his broken windshield was headed.

"I looked in the dumpster and I wondered, what do they do with these?" he recalls. "I thought, this can't be happening, and then I thought of a lot of different applications. That was back in 2000."

Afterwards, Sundholm developed his own process for recycling windshields using a cold formula. (He could not provide any details on the process, which currently is patent-pending.) After recycling the windshields, Sundholm turns them into a variety of products, including shower enclosures, office walls, dividers and more.

"Architects just go nuts [over this stuff]," he says, noting that homes and buildings that contain these products earn additional Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design points. In the end, the products are 90 percent recycled.

Sundholm gets broken windshields from four different local glass shops, though he hopes to expand to 20 locations of his own—which would require more glass "donors"—in the next five years.

"It's just a matter of getting the funding to go to other metropolitan areas," he says. Sundholm hopes to receive the official patent for his recycling process within six to nine months.

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