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Insurer Paying Flat Fee for Repairs

At least one insurance company, Liberty Mutual, has instituted a flat fee for windshield repair. The Boston-based company's new policy is to pay $65 for multiple repairs to the same windshield, no matter how many individual repairs are made.

Most insurers will pay for up to three repairs on the same windshield. For example, American Family, Madison, Wis., pays $55 for the first repair and $15 each for up to two additional repairs. Liberty Mutual, however, will pay a flat fee of $65 no matter how many repairs are on the same windshield.

SGC Network, Columbus, Ohio, is the third-party administrator for both companies.

In response to a request from glassBYTEs™ Safelite issued this statement: "Flat rate pricing for repair was first introduced almost a year ago. Many companies continually evaluate pricing options and determine what is reasonable. Our insurance clients are no different. They each have their own reasons for what they pay for repairs. So, we hesitate to respond on their behalf as to the reasons behind their repair pricing changes."

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