ROLAGS Committee Meets; Refines Scope and Purpose
September 29, 2009

The Repair of Laminated Auto Glass (ROLAGS) committee met in Atlanta today and took up the issue of long crack repair. The length of cracks that can be repaired has caused much concern and contention during the development of the Standard. The ROLAGS Standard originally covered repair of cracks up to 14 inches. The committee voted within the past year to change the Standard to cover repairs six inches or less. This has caused some concern from long crack repairers and others who feel the Standard has led to confusion about what size damage can be repaired and who believe that whatever length of crack chosen will be an arbitrary one.

ROLAGS chair Jay Sampson called the meeting to order today in Atlanta. To his right is committee member Dave Erwin of Safelite.

Long crack system manufacturer Rick Campfield of Ultrabond voiced frustration with the current Standard. "I see network agreements everyday that cite ROLAGS and cracks over six inches are excluded," he said.

After much discussion, the Committee voted for three changes to the Standard. Votes included:

  • A change in the name of the standard to the Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standard for Damage 6 Inches or Less;
  • A change in the scope and purpose of the Standard to deal with repair of damages six inches or less; and
  • A reaffirmation that a separate standard be developed for repair of damage greater than six inches.

Though the Committee voted to make these changes to the Standard, the revised Standard must once again be submitted to ANSI for public comment, so the actual change may not take place for some months to come.

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