SCG Network Amends Network Participant Agreement
May 10, 2011

The SCG Network has issued several changes to its current network participant agreement. The changes will take effect on May 16, 2011.

Among the changes is the replacement of Provision 1.3 of the original agreement with the following text:

“Participant shall use methods and materials to retain original vehicle structural integrity and performance characteristics. Participant shall follow all practices and procedures recommended by the manufacturer of the adhesive used by participant in performing replacement work for customers. Participant shall advise each customer of the relevant minimum safe drive-away time supported by the manufacturers’ publications for the adhesive system used for any replacement work, and shall use an adhesive system that meets the expectation set with the customer for minimum safe drive away time.
Likewise, the following text will replace Provision 1.5, with regard to the agreement’s language related to windshield repair:

“If Participant is asked to perform a windshield repair for a customer, Participant shall first verify damage to the outer layer of glass and that such repair can be performed in accordance with acceptable industry practices. Participant will notify Safelite in those instances where the damage cannot be repaired in accordance with industry acceptable practices or where a repair is not appropriate based upon insurance or fleet company guidelines. Upon notification, Safelite will handle the matter with the customer.

The language regarding industry standards for automotive glass replacement, Provision 1.6, now reads as follows:

“Participant shall comply with all laws and regulations of government and public authorities, including, but not limited to, the requirements of all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, as may be amended from time to time. Participant guarantees that all of its installation methods and practices shall fully comply with the American National Standards Institute automotive glass replacement standard. Participant shall maintain documentation to demonstrate compliance with this standard and, upon request, shall provide evidence of ongoing training and certification as to safe installation procedures.”
Finally, the company has added a new section to the agreement, related to “customer service standards,” that reads as follows:

“Participant shall meet or exceed all customer service standards established and/or communicated by Safelite, or applicable insurance or fleet company, which may include, but are not limited to, customer feedback surveys, warranty performance, and general customer comments.”
Safelite officials note that the changes are binding upon all participants, unless “participant notifies Safelite in writing of its objection to the change and participant’s election to terminate this agreement as of the effective date of the change” within ten days of receipt of the notification.

The changes were announced recently by national contract manager Dave McPhaden. At press time, Safelite spokesperson Melina Metzger was unable to comment on the changes.

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