Is the Safelite Ad Campaign Drumming Up Business for Entire Industry? Some Say It Is
October 9, 2009

Some independent shop owners say that the Safelite television ad campaign, launched last Sunday and scheduled to run for two weeks, is actually increasing their business as well-particularly on the repair side.

"We've been getting an influx of chip repair," says Clyde Stevens, owner of Visions Glass in Perham, Minn.

"They certainly have been a boon for our business," agrees Mike Russo of Thru-Way Glass in Syracuse, N.Y. "Our windshield repair service has definitely seen a spike."

It's also raised an awareness of repair-and made consumers start to wonder about this possible service.

" … I've had three people ask me today, 'do you do that goo thing on the windshields?" adds Stephens.

Ian Graham of Windshield Solutions in Roanoke, Va., points out that the ads also are helping to remind consumers that their windshields are important.

"I believe anything that gets 'auto glass' into the mind of the general public is of good use," he says. "Especially to the other well marketed companies in the area ... Chances are that if the customer takes the time to look around they will find you and you will at least get a shot at the job."™ blogger Neil Duffy of Auto Glass Menders in San Jose, Calif., agrees.

"These ads benefit the independents that offer repair services," says Duffy. "Any sort of advertising makes the public aware that a small windshield crack can be safely repaired at a cost lower than replacement."

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