Belron® US to Change Corporate Name to Safelite® Group
February 24, 2010

Belron® US has changed its corporate name to Safelite® Group as part of its brand- building strategy, according to a statement issued today by the Columbus, Ohio-based company.

"Since we became Belron US in 2007, our people have demonstrated a great deal of pride in our company and our association with Belron®," says company president and chief executive officer Tom Feeney. "As a result, we have inadvertently introduced Belron US as a brand into the market place."

According to Feeney, the company is investing heavily to build the Safelite AutoGlass brand.

"We want consumers who have vehicle glass damage to think of us first, just like coffee drinkers think Starbucks when they want a latte or espresso," Feeney adds. "By promoting Belron US in the marketplace we are hurting our Safelite brand-building efforts. Everytime a customer sees Belron US it is one opportunity we've lost to build the Safelite AutoGlass brand. This change to Safelite Group better aligns our corporate name with what our customers see and what we want them to recognize - Safelite AutoGlass."

The company's retail brands (Safelite AutoGlass, Elite Auto Glass®, Auto Glass Specialists®, Cindy Rowe Auto Glass™, Diamond-Triumph Glass™ and Auto Glass Center®); third-party administrator brands (Safelite® Solutions and Alliance Claims SolutionsTM); wholesale brand (Service AutoGlass®); and manufacturing brand (Safelite® Glass Corp.) remain the same.

"We are still owned by Belron. This change is part of our branding strategy, not a change in ownership," Feeney adds. "This is an exciting time for our company as we invest in advertising and build the Safelite brand into one of the premier brands in the [United States] regardless of the category."

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