Windshield Had Separated from Service AutoGlass Vehicle in Recent Colorado Accident, According to Tow Company Rep
November 9, 2010

A representative of the tow company that removed a Service AutoGlass Vehicle from a recent Colorado accident scene in which the driver was ejected says the windshield had separated from the vehicle in one piece when it was recovered.

"It had the rubber seal around it, but the glass was completely out," said a representative of Johnson's Corner Service Center who identified himself as Tanner but declined to provide his last name. The Loveland, Colo.-based company towed the vehicle from the October 19 accident.

He added, "I think [the accident victium] pushed the whole windshield out. We picked it up as a solid piece of glass."

Edward Humphrey, a Service AutoGlass employee, was driving the vehicle at the time. According to the police report, Humphrey's vehicle "did not slow sufficiently." It rear-ended a Honda Civic, pushing it into a third vehicle, a tractor trailer.

According to the police report, Humphrey was ejected from the vehicle and "trapped under [his vehicle]." He has been charged with "careless driving [that] caused bodily injury."

Though the police reports note that Humphrey was ejected from the vehicle, the Colorado State Patrol, which investigated the accident at the scene, has not been able to advise™/AGRR magazine how the ejection occurred. However, Trooper Nate Reid had told™/AGRR magazine shortly after the accident that a front-windshield ejection seemed likely.

"One would think if you hit someone all your momentum's going to be moving forward, but [the accident narrative] doesn't say whether he was ejected through the windshield," Reid said.

The vehicle Humphrey was driving is owned by Elite Auto Glass, a Safelite company, according to the official police report. Humphrey was taken to the Medical Center of the Rockies with serious injuries, and, according to Safelite spokesperson Melina Metzger, he has since been released.

"He is out of the hospital and in rehab," Metzger says.

Metzger had not responded to request for further comment at press time.

Though the representative of Johnson's Corner Service Center declined to provide his last name,™/AGRR magazine has located a Tanner Kaiser associated with Johnson's Corner Service Center in various online sources, including his Facebook page.

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