Safelite AutoGlass® Ranks Markets in Terms of Customer Service Ratings
April 7, 2011

Safelite AutoGlass has released a list of the top ten markets receiving the highest scores in its own customer service surveys. Boise, Idaho, topped the list, and Chicago was ranked number ten. Specific scores for each city were not released. The company ranked the U.S. cities as follows:

1. Boise;
2. Las Vegas;
3. Jackson, Miss.;
4. Ontario, Calif.;
5. Greenville, S.C.;
6. Baton Rouge, La.;
5. Sacramento, Calif.;
8. Columbus, Ohio;
9. Anchorage, Alaska; and
10. Chicago.

Safelite officials say they use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology to measure customer satisfaction, and that this is measured by asking customers, "How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?"

"Co-developed by Satmetrix and Bain & Company, the Net Promoter metric separates customers into three categories based on their willingness to recommend the brand (on a scale of 0 to 10)," says Safelite spokesperson Melina Metzger.

She adds, "Those that score 9-10 are promoters (positive); those that score 7-8 are passives (neutral); and those that score 0-6 are detractors (negative). To calculate the Net Promoter Score, take the percentage of customers who are promoters and subtract the percentage who are detractors.

Safelite conducts the survey via web.

"The web-based survey is sent to all customers who provide their email address," says Metzger. "We have a 20 percent response rate."
According to the company, its average NPS score among the top ten markets is 88.1 percent, while nationwide, the company average is 84 percent.

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