How Strong is That Repair Bond? Safelite Raises Question with Latest Commercial
July 12, 2011

Safelite supplied the above photo of the resin testing. The company has identified its own resin as being used in the repair marked number-one, but has declined to identify any of the other resins tested.

Safelite's newest television commercial focuses on windshield repair and the company's new resin, and depicts a company technician describing the company's repair resin to a customer by saying "it bonds stronger, and lasts longer than other resins."

Company spokesperson Melina Metzger says the claims made in the commercial are based on recent testing by an independent laboratory, which the company has declined to identify (click on the video below to view the commercial in full).

"An independent and renowned testing laboratory that has conducted automotive testing for more than 100 years put Safelite's exclusive windshield repair resin through rigorous laboratory testing along with resins used by other vehicle glass companies," says Metzger. "Using an Accelerated Weathering Tester, the experts analyzed the performance of 18 of the world's leading repair resins and the six most common resins used in the United States. Safelite AutoGlass' new windshield repair resin outperformed every other widely used resin on the market."

Metzger declined to name the other resins included in the test, and says the products were tested for adhesion, aging, shrinkage, and color stability. She also declined to comment on the specific methodology used.

In conjunction with the ad campaign, which Metzger says is running both this week and next, the company also has issued a press release announcing its launch of a new repair resin. Safelite parent company Belron had made a similar announcement in April about its launch of a "newly enhanced windscreen repair solution."

Belron social media manager Naz Latif advised™/AGRR™ magazine at the time of the Belron launch that in addition to the resin, the company also introduced "a new primer step which not only assists in the cleaning and drying of the damage but also promotes resin flow and adhesion."

When asked what is different about the new resin from past products, Latif said it has "improved mechanical properties and has very impressive long-term adhesion strength."

The company plans to roll the resin out globally throughout the year, according to Latif.

Metzger says within the United States Safelite has rolled the resin out gradually and it is now being used nationwide.

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