Philadelphia ABC Affiliate Station Questions Safelite Pricing
November 15, 2011

An ABC affiliate station based in Philadelphia ran a television news report yesterday questioning Safelite’s pricing policy, alleging that the company charges different prices based on ZIP code, even in cases of in-shop work. The story asks the following question of consumers: “Is it fair for a company to charge you more for its services based on where you live?” (Click on the below video to view the report in full.)

The story cites an example in which the reporter allegedly attempted to obtain pricing for a windshield replacement on a 2003 Nissan Xterra in several different ZIP codes on the Safelite website in the area of the company's Cherry Hill, N.J., shop—in each case noting on the website that the vehicle would be brought into the company's facility. ABC alleges that it obtained prices ranging from $258.95 to $338.95, based on a change of ZIP code.

Safelite spokesperson Melina Metzger offered the following statement to magazine in response to the ABC report. “Pricing strategies are confidential,” she says. “This is a case of an investigative journalist attempting to create scandal where there is none.”

She adds, “Like all businesses, Safelite uses a dynamic consumer pricing model that fluctuates based on many variables, such as what other competitors the customer might choose to repair or replace your vehicle glass, the availability of a technician in [an] area, and the availability of the right part in [an] area. At Safelite, we believe our consumer pricing model to be fair and offer value.”

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