Safelite Nears Settlement in Class Action Suit Filed by CSRs, Pending Court Approval
January 24, 2012

by Penny Stacey,

Representatives of Safelite Solutions have reached an agreement on the “essential terms” of a settlement with the plaintiffs in a class action suit filed by several current and former customer service representatives (CSRs) in August 2010, according to court documents. The parties currently are working to finalize the settlement and anticipate presenting it to the court for review in early February, according to a joint motion by both plaintiffs and defendants asking for a stay on the proceedings until that point is reached.

The suit, which recently was expanded to include sales representatives for the company, alleges that CSRs’ paid hours are based on their time logged into the company’s computer system and do not account for the time it takes to them to boot up their computers prior to logging on to the company’s phone system.

According to court documents, the settlement was reached after private mediation between the parties.

The motion also outlines the parties’ plans if the settlement is not approved by the court.

“If the settlement is not approved, the parties would request a scheduling conference to set new dates for discovery and motions practice,” reads the motion.

The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

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