Safelite Releases Addendum to Network Participation Agreement
July 31, 2012

by Katie O'Mara,

Safelite has recently sent out an addendum to the company’s network participation agreement, which was made effective last week. The addendum features three changes. The first change requires participants to comply with insurance and fleet company’s program requirements or marketing guidelines. This includes participants only using trademarks, logos and other intellectual property when authorized. In addition, the amendment restricts participants from offering anything of value to insurance agents or personnel in return for referral work.

The second change to the agreement concerns participants use of felons on jobs. The new amendment restricts participants from knowingly permitting any employees who are convicted felons or could pose a risk to others, from completing work on jobs in accordance with the agreement. All participants, employees and permitted contractors are required to meet background check criteria.

The final change to the agreement requires the participant to provide to Safelite a certificate of insurance, which designates Safelite Solutions as a certificate holder. The certificate is required to be updated when renewed or if there is a change in coverage. Safelite is requiring that they are notified 30 days in advance, “should any coverage by cancelled or revoked for any reason.”

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