Safelite Funds Allstate Windshield Repair Marketing Materials
August 23, 2012

by Casey Neeley,

Allstate agents are now carrying around a new set of business cards. The cards are given to customers by the agents and offer information on recommended steps needed to repair a chipped or cracked windshield. According to these informative cards, they are part of a marketing program "powered by Safelite Solutions."

The card claims it is for "Allstate's Glass Claim Express®." Safelite, the third-party glass administrator for Allstate, currently accepts the calls received from this business card. The bottom of the card also features the Safelite and Allstate logos.

"Safelite approached us about creating marketing material for our agents to distribute and the first run of such materials was funded entirely by Safelite and provided to our agents," says Justin Herndon, lead communications consultant for Allstate.

Herndon claims all future printing of the materials will be funded independently by the individual agents.

Allstate moved its auto glass claims administration to Safelite Solutions in January of 2012. Many in the industry were vocal about concerns over the union of Allstate and Safelite.

"Customers still may select the auto glass service provider of their choice," says Herndon. "However, when the customer does not have a preference, Safelite Solutions can assist by providing the customer with a glass shop recommendation that provides quality installation service along with excellent customer service. It is Allstate's policy to honor customer choice of a glass service provider."

Safelite declined to comment on the new cards.

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