Saskatchewan Auto Glass Retailers Anticipate Upswing After Hailstorms
July 15, 2013

by Jenna Reed,

Auto glass retailers are seeing a growth in demand as parts of Saskatchewan, Canada, were pummeled by hailstones "as big as grapefruit" this Saturday, according to local reports.

"One vehicle in our parking lot had a window damaged. And we've heard of windshields that had damage to them. We will most likely see an increase in business," says a representative who answered the phone at Speedy Glass in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Though Carajo Fox of Moose Mountain Auto Glass in Carlyle, Saskatchewan, has not seen any damage personally, she heard about it.

"The town we live in was missed," she says. "But I've heard of few of the stories of damage. I'm hoping it'll help business. Usually if something like this happens, we'll get the business."

A representative with Action Auto Glass in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, said her area didn't get any damage, so she doesn't anticipate any business growth.

And a representative from Crystal Glass of Fort Saskatchewan, Canada, which is several hours from Yorkton and Weyburn, simply said, "We're really busy right now."

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