Se-Gi Vented Windows Recalled From Foretravel Motorcoaches
June 11, 2012

by Katie O'Mara,

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall for 2007-2011 Foretravel/Nimbus and 2007-2010 Foretravel/Phenix motorcoaches. Some of the Se-Gi vented windows in these motor coaches have experienced an issue where the adhesive bond on some panels between the glass portion and the hinge may de-bond, allowing the panel to detach and fall from the vehicle. If this happened it could cause personal injury or lead to a vehicle accident.

The defect is expected to affect around 121 motor coaches, which would mean approximately 30 percent of the 2007-2011 Foretravel Nimbus and 2007-2010 Foretravel/Phenix motorcoaches could be affected.

Foretravel first became aware of the potential recall when another motorcoach manufacturer initiated a recall on the Se-Gi windows. The windows in that recall are similar to some windows installed in Foretravel motorcoaches.

Foretravel is currently looking into possible fixes for the defect and will be contacting owners when that is finalized.

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