Joint Motion for Settlement in Class Action Overtime Pay Suit Against Safelite Approved by Ohio Court
July 18, 2012

by Katie O'Mara,

An Ohio court has officially approve the settlement terms in a class action suit filed by a group of CSRs against Safelite Solutions. The CSRs in the case have now received their settlements checks.

“It is ordered and adjudged that the joint motion for final approval of class action settlement is granted,” read the decision from the court. “The settlement agreement is approved. Plaintiffs’ motion for an award of attorneys’ fees and reimbursement of costs is granted. Plaintiffs’ motion for class certification of Ohio claims is terminated as moot.”

The total settlement in the case was $455,000. Attorneys fees and costs were paid out of the settlement fund up to, but not exceeding $235,000.

“No class member filed an objection to the settlement,” read settlement documents. “In addition, the 16.37% return rate of settlement claim forms is a strong showing of support for the settlement. Settlements with much lower percentage of class members returning their claim form are frequently approved.”

The CSRs, Rick Kritzer, Joshua Pursley, Richard Ruppert, Sharon Ruppert, Jo McIntosh and Tom Walsh, alleged that the company had failed to compensate them with overtime pay when they had worked more than 40 hours per week, and that Safelite Solutions required its CSRs to start their shifts each day by booting up their computer systems, but then omit the time it takes the CSR to boot up the system from its calculation of the hours the CSRs have worked each week. The suit, originally filed in August 2010, was expanded to include sales representatives in both the company’s Columbus and Chandler, Ariz., facilities.

The amount of payment to each CSR is based on the four minutes worked each day, as long as the CSR worked 39.67 hours or more during the weeks included in the relevant period.

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