Solutia Introduces New Solar-Absorbing PVB Interlayer
October 19, 2010

Solutia Inc. has introduced a new Saflex® S series advanced solar absorbing interlayer for the global auto glass market. 

"Global environmental regulations require the automotive industry to meet more stringent CO2 emissions standards as soon as 2012," says Wing Kwang, global automotive business director in Solutia's Advanced Interlayer Division. "Combine that with the growing number of consumers interested in reducing their environmental footprint while maintaining comfort and quality, you have an industry that must look for new solutions to design more efficient vehicles. That's where Saflex S series advanced solar absorbing interlayers can help."

Company officials say use of the Saflex S interlayer can reduce the interior temperature of a vehicle and thus reduce the load on the vehicle’s air conditioner (and in turn reduce CO2 emissions).

Solutia says that with some past solar technologies, deletion areas had to exist in order to accommodate electronic devices such as GPS, cell phones and electronic toll collectors, but the company hasn’t found this necessary with the new interlayer.

These alternate technologies often have to rely on "deletion areas" or removed sections to accommodate electronic devices such as GPS, cell phones, and electronic toll collectors. "Saflex S series is more compatible with electronic devices than reflective technologies thereby reducing the need for additional engineering design and added costs," says John Derrico, global product technology lead in the Advanced Interlayers Division.

The Saflex S series advanced solar absorbing interlayer will be available commercially later this year. Additionally, Saflex S series, in combination with the company’s Saflex Q series acoustic benefits, will be available in early 2011.

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