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Once a Spectator, Now a Competitor

Last year, Joshua Call, who serves as manager of the Ogden, Utah, Techna Glass location, traveled to Las Vegas to support his co-worker, Travis Crebs in the Auto Glass Technician Olympics (AGTO). This year, Call will return with Crebs—but this year as a fellow competitor. Call took first place in Techna Glass’s own qualifying competition, the 2008 Techna Glass Technician Olympics, held this past July.

In the days leading up to the competition, which is now less than two weeks away, Call not only practices with his customers, he tells them about the competition as well.

“I explain [the competition[ to customers and take them though every bit of the process,” he says. “Most would rather be out there as part of the install rather than sitting in the waiting room reading a newspaper.”

And how do his customers react?

“The main question I get is, ‘is [the competition] about how fast I can do it?’” he says.

After he informs him of the real idea of the competition, Call says most are supportive.

“All of them wish me the best of luck. They’d love to see someone local win,” he says.

Call notes, though, that he’s honored to be chosen to attend.

“It takes a certain type of installer and to be into the same category [with the other competitors] is an honor,” he adds.

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