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State Farm Conducts National Survey of Customers Regarding Auto Glass Work

State Farm Insurance currently is conducting a 12-month-long survey of customers who have their windshields replaced using their State Farm policies. The survey, which began in February 2008, will run through February 2009, and is designed to review trends and improve customer service in this area of claims, according to Melissa Kern, glass claims team manager for the Bloomington, Ill.-based company.

"We are using the survey to determine any quality-related trends in shops' glass installations," says Kern. "Customer service is our focus and what better way to measure that service than to ask our valued customers directly?"

While the company currently is only surveying those who receive a windshield replacement through its Offer & Acceptance program, eventually it may expand the survey to include all customers with glass-only claims, including windshield repairs and tempered glass claims, in the future, Kern says.

The company is looking for information from customers on the type of experience they had when making a glass claim.

"We want to gain a better understanding of the quality of service provided to our policyholders by glass service providers," Kern says, "specifically, the quality of work they received, level of customer service experienced and the length of time it took to complete the necessary repair work."

When asked how the survey will affect shops, if at all, Kern says, "The intent of the survey is to secure customer feedback regarding the service they received. The responses will be evaluated with appropriate follow up as needed."

Shops participating in State Farm's Offer & Acceptance program were notified of the survey via fax. The survey is being conducted for State Farm by a company called Questar, which will provide the survey to customers via postcard.

"The purpose of the survey is to determine and ultimately improve the customer's claim experience," reads the fax sent to participants. "Our intent is to learn more about the service providers associated with the Offer & Acceptance program and assure customers we are focused on the quality of their claim experience."

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